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The Fitness Yard

Your Body Will Thank You.

Hello, and welcome to The Fitness Yard! We, Abi and Charlie, have tried to create a unique training space that is like no other. Born in 2022, our vision for TFY was always very clear: to design a studio that was aesthetically beautiful on the eye, but also be a fully functional gym that could cater for every need. With a large welcoming area, beautiful decor throughout, and multiple weights and cardio stations, we feel that is exactly what we have delivered. 

Our goal at TFY is simple - deliver high quality coaching, create a community, and put a smile on the face of everyone who walks through our door.


Each class is specifically planned and programmed to create a structure upon which our members can progress across all aspects of fitness. Within each class, exercises are easily adaptable, meaning individuals are able to progress at their own rate, whilst being in a group environment.


Training in a group can create a wonderful atmosphere, and we love having an energy that everyone can feed off. However, we also want to make sure each of our members has access to individual coaching during every session. Therefore, we keep our class numbers low, ensuring the coaching quality stays high.


Alongside our group classes, we also offer Personal Training and small group PT (max. 4) for anyone who would still prefer to train on a one-to-one basis (PT) or alongside friends/family in a private session. Whether it's training for a specific goal, or simply to build your confidence, PT and SGPT means we can individualise programming to further ensure you reach your goals. For more information about PT and SGPT please contact us directly. 

With a wealth of experience in both coaching and professional sport, we believe that between us, we have the knowledge and experience to help each and every person regardless of age, gender or gym experience. 

Get in touch today to see how TFY can help you along your own fitness journey. Can't wait to meet you!

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