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  • Do you offer a trial membership?
    Yes! We currently offer a 7 day free trial period. There are no limitations during this period - you can attend as many classes as you like. Can be found under 'Memberships' tab.
  • Do you offer guest passes?
    Of course, guests are always welcome. Guests can purchase a 'One Class Pass' from the website or app - please find under 'Memberships' tab. Each pass will allow guests to book into 1 upcoming class - all classes included.
  • What is your membership cancellation policy?
    Once you have signed up for a membership we ask you give at least 30 days notice should you wish to cancel any of our memberships. Our PAYG and 10 pack bundles have a no return policy and will last for 6 months.
  • I'm going on holiday for 2 weeks. Can I freeze my membership?
    We do not currently have a freeze option available. If you are unable to attend for any extended period of time (i.e. injury) please get in touch with a member of staff and we will do our best to resolve the situation.
  • I've never been to the gym before. How will I know what to do?
    Before coming to your first class we ask that you fill out a short form to tell us a little bit more about yourself. That way we can make sure we find the right class based on your experience/fitness levels. For those with extremely little to no previous experience we recommend coming in for a quick chat with a member of staff and getting a full introduction to the gym.
  • Do I need to have a reasonable level of fitness already to join your classes?
    Absolutely not, everyone is welcome. Certain classes are however tailored to differing levels of experience/fitness so please fill out the short form on the website or app to make sure we can get you booked in to the right class for you.
  • What happens if I don't show up to a class I've booked in to?
    Please try to cancel any class bookings in advance if you know you can no longer attend. We appreciate there may be the odd occasion when life gets a little busy and you forget, however if you stop turning up on a regular basis you may be limited/blocked from booking into future classes. Please note we have a instant chat option on our app, please send us a message if you are unable to cancel/show up to class on time.
  • Can I join your classes if I am under 18?
    Classes are suitable for 18 years and above. Please contact us if you have any queries or questions. Anyone under the age of 18 who wishes to attend, must make contact with us prior to attending any classes.
  • Do you have any changing facilities available for members to use?
    We have a shower/changing facility located at the back of the premise. We are limited for space and only have the single unit currently so recommend coming pre prepared where possible.
  • Is there parking on site?
    There is no parking affiliated with the gym, however there is ample free parking on all nearby roads/streets.
  • Can I fill up my water bottle?
    Yes. We have a water fountain at the back of the gym next to our ski ergs.
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